Inclusion / SEND

At Stephenson, we believe that all children are capable of achieving wonderful things. We are lucky to be a school full of individual and unique children. Inclusion, for us, in not always about giving all children the same, but giving them what they need in order to succeed. We embrace differences, and work together to enable all children reach their full potential.

SEND Provision

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How well do our SEND children achieve?


We measure children's progress in lots of different ways. We value the progress that children make socially as well as academically. We invest a lot of time and resources in nurturing each child and helping to develop all of those skills that are often difficult to assess! 

However, we do of course track our children academically and we are really proud of how well they do. 

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Take a look at our person centred support plans & pupil passports 

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Pupil Passport

EYFS Support Plan

Support Plan

SEND Information Report


The Policies below outline our approach to identifying, supporting and fully including pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. We hope you find them informative and useful. 


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Local Authority Offer

Additional Information


Here at Stephenson,  we identify and support a range of additional needs and learning differences. The following pages are intended to support parents and carers who may have concerns over any specific area of need. We would always actively encourage you to speak to class teachers or a member of the Inclusion Team if you do have any concerns.