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The general behaviour of pupils is a matter of great importance to the well being of the community and the running of the school. Children are expected to show politeness, respect and thought for all. They are encouraged to cultivate the qualities through encouragement and positive reinforcement. A strong SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning) curriculum underpins the education delivered at Stephenson Memorial, and this involves all staff, including lunchtime supervisors.


When children raise concerns, matters are taken seriously and dealt with fairly; children are listened to and effort is taken to find out the cause of the problem. We encourage children to be responsible for their own behaviour and actions, therefore we use a ‘Reflection Model’ to help children address their responsibilities. We have fully trained ‘Peer Mentors’, as well as ‘School Buddies’: these are children in Year Five and Year Six who can help to sort out upsets in the playground.


There is a school behaviour and achievement policy that details our expectations. The rules that we have in school are there for a good reason, with the child’s safety in mind. If a pupil’s behaviour causes concern, parents are consulted.


Bullying will not be tolerated; we take great care to ensure that this does not happen. We strive to be a listening school and ask children to tell us of any concerns that they may have; this is detailed in our ‘Anti-Bullying Policy’. Anti-bullying week is high profile in our school calendar.

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